The honor of merit on Martyrs’ Day

Deivy Pérez Martín (I), president of the Provincial Defense Council, imposes the First Degree Lázaro Peña Order on the distinguished educator Olga María Guelmes García. Photo: Oscar Alfonso Sosa.

The Monument to the Martyrs in the city of Sancti Spíritus was the scene of a distinctive event.

There, groups and workers of relevant work received high decorations such as the Flag of Labor Prowess, awarded to the Provincial Transport Directorate and the Faustino Pérez Rehabilitation Hospital.

Individually, the distinguished educator Olga María Guelmes García received the First Degree Lázaro Peña Order and other outstanding workers deserved the Jesús Menéndez Medal, which was also conferred on the ARTEX Branch.

It was an event where honor was paid to the merit, the one that has brought more light in the most difficult moments of the country, in the confrontation with COVID-19.

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